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Junior Sailing Pathways

We're often asked by parents of kids who've completed one of our Learn to Sail courses "where do we go from here?". 

To try to help answer this and similar queries, we've put together a brief guide to junior sailing at GAC. Of course, it's hard to be comprehensive and answer all possible questions, so feel free to get in touch with any further enquiries.

The Junior Pathways guide can be dowloaded here.

It's worth noting that since we prepared this guide, GAC sailing has established a growing fleet of ILCA 4 (Laser 4.7) dinghies, so there's a very strong pathway from Learn-to-Sail to Optis and then on to ILCA 4s at GAC, which is exciting to see. Our juniors have been representing our club at State and National level competitions in both Opti and ILCA classes.

Junior Sail Training Anchor
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