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Vogalonga Down Unda
Sunday 24 April 2022


Goolwa, South Australia – Sunday, 24 April 2022

Row or paddle at your own pace at the third Australian version of the famous Vogalonga rowing event held annually in Venice since 1974.

Registrations are now open. Click the link to the Vogalonga website: https://vogalongadownunda.net.au/


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Enjoy the short video from our last event!

The Vogalonga Story

It all started one day in 1974 when three friends took part in an informal, unofficial regatta in ‘mascarete’ boats (a traditional type of Venetian boat). At the time, enthusiasts of Venetian-style rowing (voga alla veneta) were few and far between in a world where more and more were inclined to favour the use of motor craft in the Venetian lagoon. A group of traditional Venetian rowers came up with the idea of a non-competitive rowing event as a form of protest against the deterioration of the city and the adverse effects of wave motion caused by motor traffic in the lagoon. They wanted to revive the tradition of Venetian-style rowing and decided to take up arms – with their oars. All those in favour of reinstating Venetian boating traditions were invited to join the cause. These included rowing enthusiasts and others who had previously ‘laid down their oars’. From this simple spontaneous act of indignation was born Venice’s Vogalonga adventure. The event was officially proclaimed and strongly promoted by local families in Venice tired of ‘chatting and hearing chitchat’ about the lot of the city and her beautiful lagoon.

Now in Australia - Goolwa 

Our event in Australia is seeking to ride this wave of enthusiasm and extend it to the Southern Hemisphere. The first event held in Goolwa on Sunday 4th October 2020 was the first Vogalonga Down Unda in Australia. Due to COVID-19 the annual Vogalonga in Venice was not able to be held in 2020 making the inaugural Vogalonga Down Unda the only Vogalonga in the world that year! 
Be part of the ongoing history of the Vogalonga, join us for the third Vogalonga Down Unda in Goolwa and salute Venice with your oars and paddles with us on Sunday 24 April 2022!

Coming to a river near you … If you would like to experience Venetian-style rowing for yourself, contact Michael Piovesan

Phone 0145 448 657

Email michangpiovesan@gmail.com

@Venetian Rowing SA 

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